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The Tech Law Forum aims, essentially, to provide an open platform for opinions, comments, and responses, from students  – a platform for discussions and debates on all issues relating to Technology Law, with a specific but not limited focus on India. We chose the Forum’s existing format due to the constantly evolving nature of technological advances, and the necessarily immediate, or even better, proactive, nature of responses to such developments. The Forum aims to serve as a place for students, academicians and practitioners from the fields of technology and law, both, to discuss relevant issues. At the same time, the Forum also aims to provide a ready commentary on recent developments in the field from its own Editors, and to link readers to other interesting resources and articles.

The Forum Editors also aim to create The Commons, a diverse and cohesive collection of  links to Creative Commons and Public Domains resources related to Technology Law,  for anyone who needs them.

To get started, mail us at techlawforum.nalsar@gmail.com. You can find our Facebook Group or our Facebook Page, or you can follow us on Twitter as well.

The Blog is an initiative of the students of NALSAR, with Swaraj Paul Barooah, Editor-in-Chief of  SpicyIP as External Advisor. The editors of the blog are selected through an open test, which was judged this year by Swaraj. The current staff of the Blog includes the following:

Kartik Chawla (Editor-in-Chief) is a third year student at NALSAR, with an avid and rather crazy interest in the fields of Technology Law and Cyber Law. He has worked in the field for a while, on topics ranging from Digital Privacy to Internet Regulation. In the rare event that he is not stuck to a screen, he finds time to drink soda, eat pizza (or Subway; or corn), and indulge the petrolhead in him. He tweets as @krotickchawla, but you can follow him on Academia, LinkedIn as well.

Veera Mahuli is a third year student at NALSAR, originally from Pune, whose interest in the field of Technology and Cyber Law grew after participating in the Oxford Price Media Law Moot. She also has a specific interest in the fields of Constitutional Law, International Law, and Entertainment Law. She is particularly fascinated by the intersections of these topics, when she finds time away from classic rock, specifically the Beatles and Pink Floyd, and her unhealthy obsession with tea.

Jitesh Anand is a second year student at NALSAR, Hyderabad. His diverse interests subsist on the opposite ends of the spectrum: from being an avid sportsperson to an ardent tech buff. His persistent interest in technology and his new-found fascination for law have amalgamated in his keen desire to study tech-law. In pursuance of this, he has interned at SFLC (Software Freedom Law Center) and has written a research paper on ‘Privacy on Facebook’.

Shantanu Mathur is second year student at NALSAR, Hyderbad. Having always had a keen interest in technology and being a law student, it was natural for Shantanu to see if he could pursue both of them simultaneously. This is what lead him to be a part of this initiative. He holds diplomas in ethical hacking and information security and keeps himself updated in the field. He has interned with people working in the field of technology law and aims to research more in then field.

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