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Announcement: New Guest Editor, giving us the perspective of an Engineer!

It is my great pleasure to announce our new Guest Editor, Sahebjot Singh. Sahebjot is currently a computer science major at the Manipal Institute of Technology, and is an avid programmer and web developer, who also enjoys dabbling in physics. He has worked earlier at a few startups, including Fracktal Works, a 3D Printing startup, and WLS Global, a Web Consultancy service, and is currently working on a few separate projects of his own. He’s also a Counter Strike dilettante, and a connoisseur, if you can call it that, of mangas and animes.

Saheb will be bringing to the TechLawForum@NALSAR the perspective of an engineering student on issues related to technology and law, both, and would also be writing a series of 101s on technological topics. His first post on Machine learning is available here.

Techlawtopia – on the intersection of Technology, Law, and Society

Amlan Mohanty, an NLSIU-grad currently working at Trilegal and an all round Technology Law scholar (read: stud), has launched a new project – Techlawtopia. Techlawtopia is a non-profit website exploring the intersection of technology, law and society, and has blog posts, legal resources, and primers (which, personally, I found extremely interesting) on technology law-related topics.

The website already looks quite interesting, and I’m sure it’ll only get more so. Do check it out!