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Indian Convergence Law – Forever ‘in the Pipelines’?

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Back in the year 2001, when the same government was in power, it tried to pass a bill called the Communication Convergence Bill, 2001. The Bill failed, due to reasons mentioned later in the post, but apparently it isn’t quite ready to die yet.  The Bill has now been revived as the Communication Convergence Bill, 2014, with news reports indicating that the Telecom Minister is quite definitely going to push for it.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Government seems to be lagging a bit behind its own claims in this regard. These claims were originally made in September, with the Minister stating that the Bill would be ready in time for the Winter Session of the Parliament. And yet, with the Session already over, there seem to be nearly no indications of its existence. But though time will only tell what the future of this Bill is going to be, right now seems to be a good time to examine the issues involved therein. Continue reading Indian Convergence Law – Forever ‘in the Pipelines’?