Write for us!

The TechLawForum@NALSAR Blog welcomes posts from students, academicians, and practitioners alike. If you are interested in the field of Tech Law and have an opinion or an idea that you would like to put out, this Blog is meant to provide a platform for you.

The Blog accepts submissions on a rolling basis. There is no mandatory citation style or word limit, though it is required that due credit is given to the sources that are used. It is recommended that the sources be hyper-linked to the text wherever possible, and if you find any particularly interesting articles, please include them as ‘recommended readings’ at the end of the posts.  We prefer the submissions to be approximately 800 words, and if the post is longer, we would seriously recommend making it a two-part post.

Please mail your submissions to the NALSAR Tech Law Forum at techlawforum.nalsar@gmail.com, preferably in a Microsoft Office Word-compatible format.

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