Editors’ Picks (17/02/15)

1) The great Internet swindle: ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated? Jon Henley, The Guardian.

2) Google boss warns of ‘forgotten century’ with e-mails and photos at risk, Ian Sample, The Guardian.

3) Can Twitter fix its harassment problems without losing its soul? Rachel Metz, MIT Technology Review.

4) Millions of Facebook users have no idea they are using the Internet, Leo Mirani, Quartz.

5) Digital India Programme: Government rolls out beta version of ‘digital locker’, Neha Alawadhi, The Economic Times.

6) Aaron Swartz stood up for freedom and fairness – and was hounded to his death, John Naughton, The Guardian.

7) Twitter reveals all it can tell you about government surveillance of users, Jenna Mclaughlin, Mother Jones.


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