Editors’ Picks (23/11/14)

1. Cyberwar is bullshit, by Russell Brandon, the Verge.

2. Microsoft now has robot security guards, by Imad Khan, the Daily Dot.

3. China Takes The Great Firewall Up A Notch By Blocking An Entire Content Delivery Network, by Glyn Moody, Techdirt.

4. When Fitbit Is the Expert Witness, by Kate Crawford, the Atlantic.

5. Google has free speech right in search results, court confirms, by Jeff John Roberts, Gigaom.

6. Whatsapp Just Switched on End-to-End Encryption for Hundreds of Millions of Users, by Andy Greenberg, Wired.

7. Huxleyed into a full Orwell, by Cory Doctrow, Motherboard.

8. Why a popular new video game with gay characters is no longer available in India, by Rohan Venkatramakrishnan, Scroll.in.

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